Fun Finds + Review.

I went to Sam's this week to do some of my regular grocery shopping, but they didn't really seem to have anything new and exciting as far as food goes. I did notice that they had a few more produce items then the last time, but nothing really caught my eyes. I did however hit the jackpot in the books/magazines today though. Whole Grains for a New Generation definitely caught my eye since I'm always trying to figure out how to cook grains in a creative way. Unfortunately, I already had such a full cart, so I didn't snag it -- but I'm thinking of picking it up off Amazon in the near future after thumbing thru it. I did grab this month's copies of Mother Earth Living and Clean Eating though. Eating Well was packaged with a fitness magazine that I probably wouldn't have read, so I opted to not grab it as well. In case you didn't know, Sam's Club actually sells magazines cheaper than what you can normally buy them for -- check with your SC to find out how they do it (not sure if they're all run the same) but certain days of the week, they offer a discount off the shelf price.

This month for Earth Day, Conscious Box (click here to see past review) was doing a special "mystery" box for that would be stuffed with all the extra stuff they had from past months. Since these boxes don't cost anymore than the regular subscription and they're usually overflowing, I decided to order one and see what I've been missing over the last couple months. Well, let me tell you, it did not disappoint! It literally was bulging at the seams when I got it. Didn't get a super good picture of my goodies, but you can definitely tell that it was full :)

What are some of your good finds lately?

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