Juice.Nashville + Kickstarter!

For those of you that know me well, you know it's not a secret how much I love Juice.Nashville, right? Not only do they have an awesome name (great minds think alike) and an amazing Norwalk cold press juicer (super jealous) but they are amazing people with a great business concept! Everyday they either press fresh juice for delivery or bring it to a slew of different farmer's markets in the area just so that the people of Nashville can be a little healthier! Well, I've got great news -- they have BIG plans and a location in mind in the Gulch to put up....drumroll....an actual storefront! Yep, you heard me right! But there's one catch. They need OUR help to them up and rolling.
(image from their campaign)
On their Kickstarter page, you can find out all the details, big and small. Stephanie has their story on their about how they got started, where they are going and what their plans are for the new location. PLUS there's a whole list of great 'bonuses' for those of us that decide to donate to the cause -- including free juice, t-shirts, shoutouts, stickers, insulated totes and so much more.

So come on -- even if you haven't had the chance to grab some of their amazing juice yet, bad kids -- you should definitely check out the KS page and dig deep in your pockets to help them fund their dream! Who knows, one day you might owe your health to them :) And believe me, that's something worth investing in.

UPDATE 5/6: There's only a few days left on this -- it ends Sunday May 12th -- so please don't miss out on helping a local business grow! Also, just a side note on how KS works -- if they don't raise the full amount of their goal, they don't get any of the money funded. So help them out guys!

UPDATE 5/8 : They're officially funded now! Thanks everyone that helped with this project! There's still time to give though, they have stretch goals and have shared what they'll do with the additional funds on their KS page.

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