Loco Donuts.

I think I'm about to be in one of those relationships that's really good for me, but horrible for my waste line?! Anyone know what I'm talking about? I've started noticing this little food truck outside my condo randomly in the empty lot across the street. I've always either had the kiddo with me or it's I've been in a hurry to get to where ever I'm going, so I've never stopped. Well this morning I wasn't the most pleasant person to my beau and after dropping the kiddo off, decided to swing thru and see what goodies they had. OMGosh was I in for a treat! And lucky for me, it's affordable!

Here's a little peak at their menu. I went ahead and got 3 orders of the sugar dusted ones for $4 a pop. The lady at the window told me that they could do a "People Pleasers" box with three different kinds for only $10 bucks! SCORE! Had it not been first thing in the morning, I probably would have been more  fun and adventuresome and gotten one of the sundaes, but I was pretty sure my body would've been quite angry with me since gym time was on the 'to do' list for the day.  So again, I place 3 orders for the box thinking that it was probably a dozen mini donuts an order....

And I got this gigantic box of goodness. Oh yes people, that's 3 dozen donuts right there. I was shocked that $4 bucks = a dozen!I most certainly would've paid more for all this! And they were still hot and fresh, made right in front of me. I ordered the cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and the espresso ones. AND to make this whole experience that much better, I got a punch card -- and after 12 orders, I get a dozen free! Seriously? This is amazing. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my love handles), they are only planning on being in the Woodland Street/8th parking lot on Tuesdays in the morning. But if you want to find out where they'll be next, check them out on Facebook, Instagram and the others below.

What are some of your favorite food trucks in the area?

Fun Finds + Review.

I went to Sam's this week to do some of my regular grocery shopping, but they didn't really seem to have anything new and exciting as far as food goes. I did notice that they had a few more produce items then the last time, but nothing really caught my eyes. I did however hit the jackpot in the books/magazines today though. Whole Grains for a New Generation definitely caught my eye since I'm always trying to figure out how to cook grains in a creative way. Unfortunately, I already had such a full cart, so I didn't snag it -- but I'm thinking of picking it up off Amazon in the near future after thumbing thru it. I did grab this month's copies of Mother Earth Living and Clean Eating though. Eating Well was packaged with a fitness magazine that I probably wouldn't have read, so I opted to not grab it as well. In case you didn't know, Sam's Club actually sells magazines cheaper than what you can normally buy them for -- check with your SC to find out how they do it (not sure if they're all run the same) but certain days of the week, they offer a discount off the shelf price.

This month for Earth Day, Conscious Box (click here to see past review) was doing a special "mystery" box for that would be stuffed with all the extra stuff they had from past months. Since these boxes don't cost anymore than the regular subscription and they're usually overflowing, I decided to order one and see what I've been missing over the last couple months. Well, let me tell you, it did not disappoint! It literally was bulging at the seams when I got it. Didn't get a super good picture of my goodies, but you can definitely tell that it was full :)

What are some of your good finds lately?

Organic = Expensive?

It's Friday and I'm just flying thru real quick on my way out the door -- getting ready to take the kiddo to the zoo! Just wanted to leave you guys with this little nugget to think about over the weekend -- I personally think that organic meat is a little more expensive in our area, depending on what store I'm shopping at. But nevertheless, this graphic is thought provoking when you really think about it!

What are your big weekend plans?


Well it's Thursday and even though we're getting close to finishing the 30-Day Smoothie Challenge, I thought I'd switch gears back to juice since it's been on my brain lately. If you didn't see my post from yesterday, definitely check it out and support the cause! And while you're contemplating how generous you're going to be, enjoy some Instagram Juice Inspiration for the day!

@allencstern -- I've recently learned that Allen passed away from health
issues. He was truly an inspirational man that had overcome so many
things and was on track to do so much more. You will be missed.
@b_loved_earth -- the color on this is beautiful!
@foodmattersfilm -- looks so refreshing.
@leanlibrarian -- green monster for sure!

What's been in your juice lately?

Juice.Nashville + Kickstarter!

For those of you that know me well, you know it's not a secret how much I love Juice.Nashville, right? Not only do they have an awesome name (great minds think alike) and an amazing Norwalk cold press juicer (super jealous) but they are amazing people with a great business concept! Everyday they either press fresh juice for delivery or bring it to a slew of different farmer's markets in the area just so that the people of Nashville can be a little healthier! Well, I've got great news -- they have BIG plans and a location in mind in the Gulch to put up....drumroll....an actual storefront! Yep, you heard me right! But there's one catch. They need OUR help to them up and rolling.
(image from their campaign)
On their Kickstarter page, you can find out all the details, big and small. Stephanie has their story on their about how they got started, where they are going and what their plans are for the new location. PLUS there's a whole list of great 'bonuses' for those of us that decide to donate to the cause -- including free juice, t-shirts, shoutouts, stickers, insulated totes and so much more.

So come on -- even if you haven't had the chance to grab some of their amazing juice yet, bad kids -- you should definitely check out the KS page and dig deep in your pockets to help them fund their dream! Who knows, one day you might owe your health to them :) And believe me, that's something worth investing in.

UPDATE 5/6: There's only a few days left on this -- it ends Sunday May 12th -- so please don't miss out on helping a local business grow! Also, just a side note on how KS works -- if they don't raise the full amount of their goal, they don't get any of the money funded. So help them out guys!

UPDATE 5/8 : They're officially funded now! Thanks everyone that helped with this project! There's still time to give though, they have stretch goals and have shared what they'll do with the additional funds on their KS page.

Stuffed Ideas.

It's been a while since I've given you guys any real Instagram Inspiration and after 'stuffing' my face this past weekend, I only thought this would be the most appropriate place to start! I have decided that I want to focus on eating smart again. I know it's not bad to enjoy yourself every once in a while, but I have started to really let my eating habits take over my life again. I'm not proud to say it, but I've gained almost 10 pounds back since my wedding at the end of November. It seems like it was just yesterday! Back to trying to cut meat out of my everyday diet and finding protein elsewhere. 

@almondsandavocados -- stuffed sweet potatoes
@asimplyrawlife -- stuffed peppers
@kirkerlove -- stuffed tomatoes for breakfast
@missanniep -- stuffed jalapenos with some sort of sprouts
@myhealthydish -- lettuce wraps
@nomyourself -- stuffed tomatoes 

What are some of your favorite food items to stuff?


Ok, last place I want to share from my crazy good (local) food weekend was Silo. We had some family in town on Saturday and wanted to show them a great time. My beau's office is right on the corner and he comes into Silo several times a week it seems like -- and yes, I'd never been before. Nice huh? So when we had to decide where to take our guest, Silo was definitely at the top of my list. I will warn you though, I wouldn't just leave your dinner plans to chance, this is definitely one place where a reservation is almost required if you expect to get a table. They do have a bar area, but it's first come first serve and very limited.

I was happy that we came with such a big group because there was so much on the menu that I wanted to try, but my stomach is only just so big. I'm going to go ahead and give you a little glimpse of what our choices were for the night, but don't get your hopes up by what you see. This is a true farm to table restaurant and the menu changes daily -- the fish, meat and produce is brought to them fresh every day! I was told that they often have the same menu 'varieties' but they change how they're 'dressed' up so that people can enjoy new tastes and flavors every time they come.

We started off with 2 orders of the Deviled Willow Farm Eggs -- I didn't get a chance to snap a picture though because they were devoured before I even knew what I wanted to order off the 'second' menu. They basically give you three different halves, made three different ways. They definitely aren't something you'll see anywhere else as far as yummy concoctions are concerned, so if you're a deviled eggs fan, I highly recommend these. I got an order of the Potato & Leek Soup and the table ordered the Fried Brussels Sprouts Salad. Both were to die for. I would've never thought to use Brussels Sprouts that way and look forward to trying to recreate the dish at home.

As for the 'second' menu -- oh my, where do I even begin? A few at the table got the Atlantic black grouper with new potatoes. After having several bites passed to me, I'd give it a thumbs up. The table also ordered the Shrimp Etouffee with house andouille and rice -- the Hanger Steak and subbed the sides with the new potatoes ensemble -- and I personally got the Pork Rib Chop. Not a morsel was left. It was probably one of the juiciest pork chops that I've ever had!

We also got a couple sides for the table -- the Potato Salad and the Buttermilk Mac and Cheese. They are rather large dishes since they're made to be more of a family style portion, so be careful that you're eyes aren't bigger than your stomach :) The food runner recommended adding their house hot sauce to the mac and cheese to give it that extra oomph of flavor -- don't worry though, it's more flavorful then hot. Again, was so hungry, I didn't take any pictures!

How any of us even had room for dessert is beyond me, but I can't very well go out to eat and not enjoy something sweet afterwards! The beau had the GF "pot de creme" which was pretty stellar with salted caramel sauce and caramel/bacon popcorn. Yes, you read that correct! I went with the Roasted Banana Pudding which was to die for..just wish it would've been a bigger serving :) And lastly, our guest got the Lemon Tart with meringue and raspberries. A word of caution, if you don't like tart things, I'd steer clear of the last one -- it literally made everyone's mouth at the table pucker!

All in all, it was a great night of food and company. My only regret was that someone didn't order the Chicken Fried Rabbit. It passed our table several times thru out the night and we all gawked. I've never been a fan of rabbit, but it might've been worth a try by the way it looked! I did also want to point out that our service this weekend was probably some of the best I've ever had -- and for someone that eats out 3-5 times a week at least, I have a pretty high standard. It's rare to find someone that can move in and out from your table without disturbing the conversation or creating awkward moments. Anthony (our waiter) was top notch with making sure that drinks were full, silverware was switched out, food was always on the table, etc. Hands down, one of the best experiences!

Edley's BBQ.

My weekend food saga continues -- last week I remember driving down Gallatin/Main St, which is quite rare, and getting an eye full of what looked like a nice new BBQ joint. I mentioned it to my husband later that night and he too had driven passed it. To think that there might be a great BBQ restaurant within 2 blocks of our house made both of us super excited, so we planned to go this weekend. What we didn't plan on though was it being sooo good -- we ended up having lunch here yesterday and today. I didn't realize it till half way thru the meal, but apparently there's another location of Edley's BBQ over by Lipscomb University. It's amazing to me just how many restaurants are in the area and how many go unknown! I'm constantly driving around and finding new places popping up everywhere. I think I'm going to have to make a checklist and start knocking them off one by one :) But back to Edley's for now....

The inside of this place is HUGE! And super family friendly. I loved all the old weathered barn wood and the  giant garage doors around the place that literally turn it into 'outdoor' seating. It's a fun concept food wise too. They've taken and eliminated the number one complaint that most people have about restaurants -- the service. Or sometimes, lack there of. When you walk in, you head towards the back to order your food and pay for it, they give you a number and then find a table and wait for it to come out. Want a beer? Saunter up to the bar and order one of over 11 unique brews on tap. AND it comes in a mason jar. They really do live up to their slogan -- "a tribute to all things Southern". When you're done -- sit and chat a while, listen to some live music, watch the game on TV and then bus your table and scoot. What's not to love?! 

Huge outdoor seating area is one of two places to grab some sun
while drinking a brew. 
My shot of the menu was absolutely awful, but you can
check out their website and see it. PLUS they do take
out and catering. These were the sides/specials
of the day. 
The Pork Tacos with fried jalapenos.
Chicken Platter with two sides -- half a chicken option.
Chicken Platter with sides -- pulled style. This was much more enjoyable
for me and had quite a bit more flavor then the half a chicken way.
Pulled Pork Sandwich. Sides don't come with it, but you can add on.

Everything was really good and I liked the fact that they had plenty of seating and over a dozen high chairs. All of that combined should make this the best go-to dinner place for families in the neighborhood :)

UPDATE: I went back a couple weekends later and they do in fact have a great selection of liquor now. So you can get more than just beer -- not sure on wine though?