3-Day Juice Cleanse.

I think I forgot to mention this last week/end that I was gearing up for a juice cleanse starting today. My husband approached me a week or so ago about wanting to do one and start a healthier lifestyle. So here I am again. And let me tell you, the first day is always the worst -- and by worst I mean the hardest. The juice itself is amazing, but the idea of not chewing for the next three days is wearing on the soul.

I've found that C Ya is the best morning wakeup juice!
I decided to substitute my beet juice for this cleanse, this is what they
choose to give me :) I found it a perfect blend while getting my hair done!
Drinking this combination together has been the best for me. I drink half of
each and then save the other half for later on in the day.
Taking a break from racquetball at the Y to drink some 'oh yeah'.
Dessert is always my almond milk. I cheated and added a
little vanilla agave nectar to give it a little flavor.

Even though the first day like I said is the hardest, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait till Thursday night when it's all done! I'm already dreaming about all the yummy food I'm going to eat this weekend :)

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