The Red Bicycle.

I honestly can't even tell you how much food I ate over the weekend. It's sickening. Since Thursday night, I've literally eaten every single meal out -- AND local. I'm pretty proud of that last statement actually. Let me tell you though, doing a juice cleanse the week before you have company come for the weekend is a bad idea :) I do feel like it completely negated the fact that I did one and should probably do another one this week! haha I've decided to do my weekend food wrap up though in several parts so that everyone gets there full fill!

I had the pleasure of eating at The Red Bicycle last weekend, but probably didn't have the best dining experience that made me want to come home and blog about it. Don't get me wrong -- the food was amazing, atmosphere was great, staff was super friendly -- but I had a terrible two joining me and the beau and all she wanted to squawk about the whole time was "fries" and that is one thing that the TRB just doesn't have on their menu. So instead of going back on a slammed Sunday with limited seating and tons of people, we opted for a quiet Friday morning and had a much more enjoyable time. Even though they didn't have "fries".

The vibe in this place is great -- super colorful and mish moshed. Lots of
seating both indoors and outside. Love the guitar that stretches from one
end of the place to the other. 
Impossible to get a good shot of the board that's readable. (click to see it
larger) They have three categories: breakfast, savory and sweet. And
even a 'build your own' option that you could try if you're a regular and
have already been thru the entire menu once or twice!
This is the drink/coffee menu. If you wanna see something really unique,
ask them for a 'pour over' one. It was fun for me at least :)

(L to R) Savory Field of Greens -- Savory Mexicrepe -- one of the
breakfast ones (?) -- and then Sweet Banana Peanut. The bottom two
were from our first visit last weekend. The sweet one was definitely
a sugar shock first thing in the morning for me. Friday, I had a Savory
Spinach one (not pictured) and it was amazing -- Chicken, spinach, 
mushrooms, cheese and balsamic. 

Thought this was kind of fun! #theredbicycle

What kinda crepe fan are you -- sweet, savory or breakfast?

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