Costco Finds!

I know today is usually just my 'lazy day' with some Eat-Your-Colors motivation, but after a great shopping trip at Costco (in Franklin) today, I wanted to share my finds with you guys! I get more and more excited every time I venture into a traditional grocery store and find vegetarian/vegan friendly eats becoming mainstream. I completely expect healthy foods at places like Turnip Truck, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's -- but not really Costco. I picture warehouse stores as places that peddle 24-packs of Kraft products, 5lb containers of mayo/baked beans and snacks/sweets/candy galore. So hopefully you guys will be as excited by these things as I was.

Stuffed Grape Leaves -- seasoned rice, tomatoes, onions & red peppers.
These are GF/dairy free and have 0g of trans fat or saturated fat.
And they boasted tons of fiber! (fresh section)
These were Malibu Vegan Burgers by Gardenburger. They had a good amount
of fiber and protein in them. Plus there were 12 burgers for under a buck each.
(freezer section)
These little souffles by Garden Lites are pretty tasty -- I've seen them at Whole
Foods and have gotten the brocolli ones before. 2 servings of veggies per
souffle, 9g of protein and only 150 calories. (freezer section)
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts are one of my favorite
add-ins for smoothies and to throw on top of salads.
They are a good source of Omega 3&6 and pack
quite a bit of fiber and protein in them!
And last but certainly not least in my mind is the health options in the cookbook section -- I'm always finding great buys here! They had "The Very Best Painkiller Foods" which was a guide and cookbook -- Fine Cooking put out a mini magazine called "Cook Fresh" -- the "Fork Over Knives" cookbook which I finally added to my collection -- and lastly, "The Very Best Healing Spices". I wish that I could buy them all, but every time I go, which is almost weekly, they have 2-3 new books. I just don't have that much room or $$ at the moment :)

What kind of great 'finds' have you seen lately?

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