Edley's BBQ.

My weekend food saga continues -- last week I remember driving down Gallatin/Main St, which is quite rare, and getting an eye full of what looked like a nice new BBQ joint. I mentioned it to my husband later that night and he too had driven passed it. To think that there might be a great BBQ restaurant within 2 blocks of our house made both of us super excited, so we planned to go this weekend. What we didn't plan on though was it being sooo good -- we ended up having lunch here yesterday and today. I didn't realize it till half way thru the meal, but apparently there's another location of Edley's BBQ over by Lipscomb University. It's amazing to me just how many restaurants are in the area and how many go unknown! I'm constantly driving around and finding new places popping up everywhere. I think I'm going to have to make a checklist and start knocking them off one by one :) But back to Edley's for now....

The inside of this place is HUGE! And super family friendly. I loved all the old weathered barn wood and the  giant garage doors around the place that literally turn it into 'outdoor' seating. It's a fun concept food wise too. They've taken and eliminated the number one complaint that most people have about restaurants -- the service. Or sometimes, lack there of. When you walk in, you head towards the back to order your food and pay for it, they give you a number and then find a table and wait for it to come out. Want a beer? Saunter up to the bar and order one of over 11 unique brews on tap. AND it comes in a mason jar. They really do live up to their slogan -- "a tribute to all things Southern". When you're done -- sit and chat a while, listen to some live music, watch the game on TV and then bus your table and scoot. What's not to love?! 

Huge outdoor seating area is one of two places to grab some sun
while drinking a brew. 
My shot of the menu was absolutely awful, but you can
check out their website and see it. PLUS they do take
out and catering. These were the sides/specials
of the day. 
The Pork Tacos with fried jalapenos.
Chicken Platter with two sides -- half a chicken option.
Chicken Platter with sides -- pulled style. This was much more enjoyable
for me and had quite a bit more flavor then the half a chicken way.
Pulled Pork Sandwich. Sides don't come with it, but you can add on.

Everything was really good and I liked the fact that they had plenty of seating and over a dozen high chairs. All of that combined should make this the best go-to dinner place for families in the neighborhood :)

UPDATE: I went back a couple weekends later and they do in fact have a great selection of liquor now. So you can get more than just beer -- not sure on wine though?

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