End It Movement.

I know I know, this is my second thing in two days that's touched on some sort of movement or group. I promise that my blog will not be over run with my personal agenda..even though it is, in fact, my blog. I do feel like this is a huge silent cause that most people don't think about though and do feel rather strongly after doing some more research. It was originally brought to my attention this weekend while we visited an old church of ours. Pete Wilson, the pastor of Cross Point Church, was starting a series about the "5 Lies That We Believe" and the first one was that our lives can't make any sort of difference. That we're so tiny and insignificant that we can't possible bring about change to the people and world around us. I personally feel very different about that idea and so did he. God has given us the authority to be change makers. Difference Makers. And with that, I bring to you a very important cause that's very near and dear to many hearts right here in Middle Tennessee.

Click to see their website and learn about the cause.
Slavery. There are over 27 Million people around the world that are still bought and sold today. And no one is safe from it. Women, Men and Children. All the same. And it's not just in some third world country half way around the world, but in our own backyard. Pete shared several stories about women being sold into slavery right here at several hotels -- women who were threatened if they tried to leave, beaten, and other unspeakable horrors. It's time we took a stand. And yes, we can make a difference. Each and every one of us.

Where's your red X today?

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