Day 3 + Local Finds!

So I totally flaked and forgot to tell you guys about a new local find I came across yesterday. I saw them on Instagram the other day and looked them up on Facebook -- Spark of Life Healing Foods. They're located over off Charlotte Pike and their hours are up on their FB/website. Everyday their menu changes and you can pick stuff up at their store front or even find some of it at the local Whole Foods or Turnip Truck locations. Every week they do a "Spark Box" which varies but it has entrees, sides, snacks and desserts in it.  Their primarily focus is Gluten Free and Vegan foods -- either raw or lightly cooked. I scooped up some Raw Pad Thai, Mock Tuna Salad and some Raw Almond Truffles. I haven't gotten thru all of it yet, but it's been yummy so far!

Had a great day of shopping with my MIL and the kiddo in Franklin. Popped into Costco and scored some new goodies! I was shocked (and delighted) that they had 2 vegan cookbooks and I found the titles to be quite entertaining. They literally walk you thru the steps for those of us that are brand spankin' new to the venture. It's amazing how much the vegan/vegetarian/raw movement has caught on and swept the nation recently. Growing up, these terms were foreign to me. Even until just recently I'd heard of people being vegetarian, but never vegan/raw. I feel like the more I dig, the more I uncover this amazing movement and how many people are involved all around me. I am so fortunate to live in Nashville where there is so much opportunity for great food options and movements! I also got suckered into buying some Dried Young Coconut pieces. They had a little sample booth. Well played Costco. I couldn't possibly resist these yummy, slightly chewy, sweet chunks of coconut :) I see these as a perfect fit for my sweet tooth and lack of dietary fiber! Just wish the sugar content wasn't so high!

Today was Day 3 of the Green Smoothie Challenge and I was too busy to do it for breakfast or lunch, so I squeezed it in as my dinner -- 4 bananas, coconut milk, banana greek yogurt, chocolate PB2, hemp and wheatgrass powder and some hemp hearts on top. I need to get some actually greens sometime this week so I can throw some kale or spinach in. I guess the only thing 'green' about these the last few days has been the hemp and wheatgrass :) Some is better than none I guess!

How's everyone else doing with the challenge?

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