I'm crossing the finish line a few hours early. Sorry I couldn't bring myself to blog much over the last few days. I'd say that this 3-day cleanse went a lot smoother than the first one I did back in November. Maybe I knew what to expect or maybe I was just in better spirits and had other people doing it with me -- who knows. I do know though that my husband was not prepared for the experience -- and several times tried to get me to 'cheat' so that he could as well :) Luckily we both are pretty strong willed and stuck to our guns. I did have to chuckle to myself though when he came home early from the office and had no juice with him, just an almond milk left. When I asked if he'd left his at work, he smiled widely and said that he'd drank all his juice for the day, so the cleanse was officially over for him. And then we caved and went to Rosepepper for a late dinner! Boys. Lucky for me, Rosepepper has some great vegan/vegetarian options, so I went with something lighter on my stomach. It was so nice to finally chew again and we left satisfied but not stuffed.

When I asked what the sauteed veggies were, they basically just use the onions
and peppers from the fajitas -- so I opted for avocado as a substitute instead.

For those of you that are new to the idea of juicing or even doing a 3-7-10+ day juice fast, there are some things that you can expect. (1) It took a while for your body to gain the weight that you have -- over time -- so it's not just instantly going to melt off overnight. But if you stick with it, drink lots of water and eat healthier with the juicing/fast then it will -- over time -- shed off. I've been able to keep the 20+lbs off that I initially lost when I first started juicing. You can't be healthy for a short amount of time and then abandon it and go back to eating awful again. If you take care of your body, it'll take care of you. (2) You MUST drink lots of water when you're doing a juice fast. A lot of our weight issues come from not getting enough in our day to day life. Water helps you feel full. It helps you in the bathroom, ie constipation. Did you know that when you're body doesn't get enough water, it actually stores what little bit it gets and that's where water weight comes into play? The more you drink, the less you're body will hold onto it. (3) The first few days of a juice fast suck. I'm just being completely honest. Even if you're a regular juicer, it isn't easy giving up solids and only drinking your meals. You're body starts detoxing and all the bad stuff in your body starts getting pushed out -- you can get some light diarrhea (or constipation if you're not drinking enough fluids), you're skin breaks out, you get headaches, body aches, fatigue, you're grumpy. DON'T GIVE UP. For most people, day 3 is a new awakening. But if you're body is really toxic -- heavy smoker, drinker, sickness, chronic conditions, obesity, medications, etc -- it could take much longer before you see the upswing! HANG IN THERE. I promise, it'll get better. When all is said and done, you're body will thank you.

I will tell you this, I'm thinking that a juice fast/cleanse is in order every 3-4 months for myself. I plan on doing a full 10 days on my next go around, but think that I'm going to tweak it a little. I've been reading some of the reboot strategies on Joe Cross's website and think I'm going to juice all day and then eat a raw/vegan meal at night for dinner and then a juice before bed. I think that the extra fiber and roughage will help me get the results that I'm looking for + it'll help me go for a longer period of time since I'm not sacrificing chewing :)

How'd your last 'reboot' go?

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