New Farmer's Market!

It seems like maybe last week or the week/end before -- a very public announcement was made that Delvin Farms was asked to leave the West Nashville Farmer's Market (click for their FB announcement). It was over some produce 'politics' if you will, which I know sounds funny, but it's true. Regardless of what side of the fence you fall on the subject, it's a shame that it went down the way that it did. Several companies -- including Juice Nashville and Hummus Chick (my favs) -- decided to follow suit and drop out of the WNFM to show their support. Seemingly overnight they were able to secure a new location for a market and West End Farmer's Market was born. It's every Saturday at the parking lot of Vine Street Christian Church.

Not the greatest picture, but shows how many booths there were for
the first week. I'm sure this market is only going to continue to flourish!
We were able to get our weekly juice from juice.Nashville -- and our fix
of hummus from the Hummus Chick!
The kiddo and I indulged in some Cuppycakes! They
were absolutely fantastic. The Banana one was by far
the most amazing cupcake I've ever eaten!
Twin Forks Farm was a new one for me too -- didn't have a need this week,
but will definitely get some bread and granola in the weeks to come!
Peaceful Pastures was another new face -- meats, fresh
eggs and so much more!
Nutrisha was a great find for me! They do personal
chef stuff and even deliver box lunches to the home
or office. Check out their website!
And lastly, Delvin Farms. They had their first CSA box available for pickup
and they were selling tons of great fresh produce and plants. 

There were quite a few other vendors at the market this weekend but I didn't want to bog you down a complete rundown today. I will post more next weekend when we enjoy the weather and people again :)

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