Farmer's Market Roll Call.

This week's market didn't run as late as usual since there was a wedding at around 1ish. I was able to get in first thing though thank goodness. Word of the market is starting to get around and it was already slammed when I got there at 9:30 -- there was almost no where to park :) I guess that's a good thing when you're starting a new venture and trust me, you won't ever hear me really complaining about that.

I didn't get to take as many pictures of vendors this weekend as I would've liked to -- again, it was slammed -- and I happened to have a 2 year old attached to my hip only 20% of the time and running wild the other 80%! Here's a line up of who all made it out this weekend (and again, it's growing): Foggy Hollow, Meadow Branch Beef, Cuppycakes, Twin Forks, Nutrisha, Electric Pants, Noble Springs, Wedge Oak Farm, Johnson's Honey, Totty's Bend, Delvin Farms, The Well Coffee, Kenny's Cheese, Ousley Ouch (homemade salsa), Juice Nashville, Hummus Chick, Dozen, Papa C, Bells Bend, Windy Acres and Angel Radiance.

Every time I turned around, this table was slammed and impossible to get
a good picture of their full spread. Guess you'll have to come see for yourself!
Forgot to snap a shot last weekend of Cuppy Cakes -- makes my mouth drool!
If you like hot stuff, this salsa is the way to go. Super yummy!
Noble Springs Dairy had all kinds of goat milk products for sale.

I wish that I'd gotten to spend more time at the market -- I'm hoping next weekend I'll be baby free!

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