Eat Your Colors!

Wrapping up what seemed like a whirlwind of a week. I have no clue where time goes?! I always wake up Monday feeling triumphant and ready to take on the world and before I know it (and blink several thousand times) it's Friday already! UGH. I'm never going to get ahead unless we add another 10+ hours to a day! Oh well. Here's a refresher on why it's so important to eat our colors guys -- you are what you eat!

What are you guys cookin' up this weekend?

Juiced Again.

So I must say that I have completely fallen of the juice train at the moment, but luckily I've picked up green smoothies in the meantime. Just to be perfectly clear, smoothies are great and all, but it takes longer for your body to get the nutrients/goodness than it does for juicing. That's because juicing takes all all the good stuff and puts it straight into your system -- that's why you often get a 'juice buzz' or 'high' when you first start introducing it into your lifestyle because you're bodies not use to getting nutrients that quickly. I have to blame it all on juice.Nashville really. Ever since I tried some of her cold pressed juice via a Norwalk juicer, the stuff that comes out of my Breville just doesn't quite stack up anymore. Don't get me wrong, my Breville is a great juicer, it just doesn't do fruits/veggies the justice. So I'm saving my pennies for one and buying juice in the meantime. Here's some Instagram Inspiration though from all my juicing buddies.

@barkadajane -- carrots, beets, apples and greens 
@delilahm -- beets/greens, lemon, grapes, strawberries and pom seeds
@brillianthealthsolutions -- one of my new favorite finds, this women
has been on such a great juicing journey, check her feed out. 
@mealsfullofcolor -- beautiful color!
@rose_petalz -- she's also a new find, purple cabbage juice!
@mehaird33 -- straight up carrot juice goodness.

What have you guys been juicing up lately? I'm always in the market for new blends.

Stuffed V.

So I've been overwhelmed with all kinds of good 'stuffed' inspiration lately over on Instagram and felt like I should share the love with all of you. Definitely some new ideas and some tried and true goodness, but overall, it makes me hungry regardless! I've been playing around lately with some stuffed ideas, but my pictures never do justice for my finished creations, so you'll just have to drool over these instead :)

@100daysofcleaneating -- stuffed peppers
@myhealthydish_ -- stuffed avocados!
@myhealthydish_ -- stuffed acorn squash with quinoa and eggs
@theglobalgirl -- (new find) stuffed mushroom caps!
@jburn_ -- if I remember correctly this is a stuffed apple with oats
and cottage cheese, a breakfast 'stuffing' if you will :)
@tripleyum -- tried and true, eggs stuffed into bell peppers for breakfast.
@vegan_kristina -- portabello mushrooms stuffed with avocado goodness.

What are some of your favorite things to stuff?

Review: Goodie's Box.

I came across this subscription box several months ago by accident. I'm not even sure where I heard about it to be honest with you. It's was still in beta and they were only choosing a select number of people to buy into it in the beginning. For as cheap as it was, it seemed like a pretty good steal, so I jumped on the invitation and signed myself up. Three months later, I'm still loving what comes every month and it's definitely worth every penny.

Details: The Goodies Company is actually affiliated with Walmart and is something that they're working on to help bring better (specialty) products to their store. If you sign up for this box, consider yourself a guinea pig for what products they should and shouldn't carry. And for just $7 a month, I don't feel like a complete sell out to this giant. A week or so after you get your box, you get an email from the company asking you to write a review on their website including pictures and your feedback. This in turn earns you points, which then earns you free stuff including a month's box on the house. I personally haven't been too good about keeping up with this process, but I think it's great to earn freebies for speaking your mind :) 

Bonus: If you absolutely LOVE something that you've gotten in your box, you can sign onto the website and actually order it in a full size version and have it shipped to your house. This is great because it allows you to put it into one shopping cart and pay for everything all at once -- instead of getting a box and then having to source out each individual item on different websites. For me, this is a WIN!

November Box: This month's theme was 'Entertaining Made Easy' and I thought they did a pretty good job with this one for being a new concept. Oogie's White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn, Alter Eco Quinoa Dark Chocolate bar, Bobby Sue's Nut, Bigelow Tea Pumpkin Spice, a fun little Flourless Bliss Souffle Mix, a small dose of Lotus Bakeries Smooth Biscoff Spread and some American Vintage Wine Biscuits in White Wine, Shallot and Cayenne flavor. Not to mention that they tossed in a nice canvas Goodies Co tote that I'm gonna rock at the farmer's market this summer.

December Box: The them for this month was 'Naughty & Nice' and I think it was pretty nicely done. I was thrilled to see a full size box of World Table Chocolate Caramel Cookie Thins. This alone made the box awesome! It also had 2 Sun Cups in Dark Chocolate Mint and Sunflower Butter Milk Chocoate (both nut and gluten free), an Effie's Homemade Oat Cake, Barefruit Cinnamon Apple Chips, a bag of Rocky Mountain Popcorn in Cinnamon Sugar, and some Eat Smart Naturals Veggie Chips.

January Box: The theme for the month was New Year, New You and was centered around giving you healthy snacking alternatives so you could stick to your resolutions to eat better on the go! The box included: Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bar, Stretch Island Fruit Chews in Cherry, Go Nola in Maple Pecan, Flamous Falafel Chips (my favorite), Skeeter Snack Cookie in Skeeterdoodle, Cascal (all natural soda) and Wild Garden Traditional Hummus and Pita Chips to go box. The hummus/chips combo was a great concept and I wish there were more things like this. I was a little perplexed that it didn't need to be refrigerated though.

Final Thoughts: This box is by invitation only, so you better go over and 'request' an invite if you're interested before they max out their subscriptions! I'd say for only $7 bucks, it's worth every penny and the items they send are great for on-the-go or just a quick snack. Can't beat that!

EYC: Green Edition.

I know I've been harping about 'green' things for the last two weeks between brussels sprouts and green smoothies, but the health benefits to adding green stuff to your daily diet is HUGE and can't be emphasized enough. I remember when I was still living at home, I would ask my mom what was for dinner and she'd always say whatever the main dish was and "something green" -- which was always a fresh made salad or veggies that my dad and I would fight over for seconds. I wish I could say that this has stuck with me through out the years, but I'm just starting to see the big picture as I knock on 30's door at the end of this year and have a family of my own to look out for. So if you read my blog on the regular or you're just passing thru and you take nothing else with you -- PLEASE let it be the desire to eat your colors on a daily basis and if nothing else, add green foods to your diet! Enjoy your weekend guys!

What's your favorite green fruit or veggie?