Juiced Again.

So I must say that I have completely fallen of the juice train at the moment, but luckily I've picked up green smoothies in the meantime. Just to be perfectly clear, smoothies are great and all, but it takes longer for your body to get the nutrients/goodness than it does for juicing. That's because juicing takes all all the good stuff and puts it straight into your system -- that's why you often get a 'juice buzz' or 'high' when you first start introducing it into your lifestyle because you're bodies not use to getting nutrients that quickly. I have to blame it all on juice.Nashville really. Ever since I tried some of her cold pressed juice via a Norwalk juicer, the stuff that comes out of my Breville just doesn't quite stack up anymore. Don't get me wrong, my Breville is a great juicer, it just doesn't do fruits/veggies the justice. So I'm saving my pennies for one and buying juice in the meantime. Here's some Instagram Inspiration though from all my juicing buddies.

@barkadajane -- carrots, beets, apples and greens 
@delilahm -- beets/greens, lemon, grapes, strawberries and pom seeds
@brillianthealthsolutions -- one of my new favorite finds, this women
has been on such a great juicing journey, check her feed out. 
@mealsfullofcolor -- beautiful color!
@rose_petalz -- she's also a new find, purple cabbage juice!
@mehaird33 -- straight up carrot juice goodness.

What have you guys been juicing up lately? I'm always in the market for new blends.

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