EYC: Green Edition.

I know I've been harping about 'green' things for the last two weeks between brussels sprouts and green smoothies, but the health benefits to adding green stuff to your daily diet is HUGE and can't be emphasized enough. I remember when I was still living at home, I would ask my mom what was for dinner and she'd always say whatever the main dish was and "something green" -- which was always a fresh made salad or veggies that my dad and I would fight over for seconds. I wish I could say that this has stuck with me through out the years, but I'm just starting to see the big picture as I knock on 30's door at the end of this year and have a family of my own to look out for. So if you read my blog on the regular or you're just passing thru and you take nothing else with you -- PLEASE let it be the desire to eat your colors on a daily basis and if nothing else, add green foods to your diet! Enjoy your weekend guys!

What's your favorite green fruit or veggie?

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