Just Juice.

Hope you guys enjoyed the brussels sprout ideas this week. Unfortunately, I think I might be the only person who actually juices them though -- at least when it comes to photographic proof :) So I won't be able to do a 'juice' installation, but I still want to give you guys some Instagram Inspiration this week. If you remember from when we talked about eating our colors, all green fruits/veggies have the same overall good health benefits, with each of them having their own little goodies. So here's some green juice. ENJOY!

@alkalinesister -- chard, cucumber, kale, celery, lemon, ginger, carrot
and some green herbs
@djcrazysanchez -- spinach, lime, cucumber and granny smith apples
@freshncrunchy - celery, radishes, lemon, pear, kale and herbs
@aniiit -- chard, celery, spinach, granny smith apples, brocolli

@mealsfullofcolor -- lettuce, lemon, apple, ginger, nectarine
@simonnnn -- spinach, lemon, pear, cucumber and kale

What are some of your favorite green combos?

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