There's just something about eating a banana. I could literally sit and eat 'em all day. I don't know if it's the flavor, the smell, the texture. There's just something. And I'm not the only one that thinks so! There are actually groups of people dedicated to eating 30 bananas a day, including fruitarians and those with raw vegan lifestyles. So what's so great about them? Let me tell you.

Bananas have 0 fat in them, yep you heard right. They are loaded with potassium (around 400 mg) and have great fiber (about 3 g) AND only 100 calories wrapped in it's own little portable container. They also have more carbs, Vitamin A and iron and more phosphorus then apples. See, what's not to love! Still haven't fallen for them yet? How about a few more reasons.
  • They're loaded with tryptophan (also found in turkey and other foods) and a large dose of B6 which help reduce stress, fight off depression and anxiety and if eaten right before bed, helps you get a more restful sleep. Wish I'd known about this fun fact a long time ago!
  • The high level of potassium helps keep your blood pressure down and helps your body's circulatory systems run better overall.
  • Vitamin B6 keeps those with blood sugar issues at ease since it helps to steady the levels out.
  • Bananas are great energy boosters because of their natural sugar and are highly recommended over unhealthy pick-me-ups that provide a nasty crash when they're done. Plus the potassium helps prevent muscle soreness and stiffness associated with working out. 
  • The fiber found in bananas helps promote healthy stomach digestion by relieving constipation -- it's like taking a laxative without dealing with the reverse effect of diarrhea. 
  • Ladies, just like the Vitamin B6 helps with workout cramps, it's also a great alternative to Midol and other 'band aids' that you might use while on your monthly cycle. 
  • Partied all night? Bananas are also great for hangovers and withdraws -- they replenish the nutrients and vitamins that are lost quickly and help to calm your stomach. Again, because they have the tryptophan and the B6, they're great for the body aches, nausea and anxiety/stress that comes hand in hand with these. 
  • Bananas are great for ulcers and heartburn because they reduce the acidity level in our bodies.
  • You can help alleviate mosquito and other bug bite itches by rubbing the peel over your skin.
  • I even read that if you wrap a banana peel (with the yellow side touching the area), you can slowly remove warts over a period of time. True story. 

So if those aren't good reasons to add bananas to your daily diet, I'm not sure what is. As far as picking out bananas in the grocery store -- avoid those that have green stems, they haven't reached their flavor potential and won't since they've been picked too early. Also, look for firm ones with no bruises, and very few, if any brown speckles. I read that you should leave them at room temperature and once they have started getting brown flecks of color, you should store them then in a refrigerator to help make them last. Apparently, the fridge keeps them preserved even once the peel turns brown. Fun!

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What are some of your favorite ways to eat bananas?

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