Stuffed Returns IV.

I'm literally drooling on my keyboard as we speak. You'd think with all the amazing Instagram friends I have, that I'd eat better and it'd be all fancy and creative. The real story is I'm unimaginative and lazy. Yes folks, you heard me correct. I'm not making excuses for myself, but with all the chaos I have going on from day to day, I just don't feel like making food, but I do want to eat like this. Maybe it's time to focus on one meal a day that looks like this and then I'll go from there. Enjoy guys!

@b_lynn3, now @mealsfullofcolor -- stuffed artichokes
@xo_dominichulinda -- egg/salsa stuffed avocado, breakfast style
@healthiefoodie -- fruit stuffed in cantelope
@itschincha -- stuffed celery with guac, salsa and tomatoes
@cgadventure -- stuffed acorn squash
@myhealthydish_ -- stuffed eggs with oats, nut butter and almonds
@nomyourself -- vegan stuffed bell peppers
@kirkerlove -- fruit cups stuffed into orange peels
@b_loved_earth -- stuffed portabello mushrooms

Yep, like I said, I'm starving!

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