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Have you ever found a product that was so simple and so useful (not to mention almost life changing) that you wondered aloud to yourself "why didn't I think of that?". Meet Cuppow -- rhymes with WOW. Enough said.

About: From what I gather from their (limited) website and their Facebook page, Cuppow took off back in January of last year and has made a huge impact on the market and their home state of Massachusetts. The infographic below sums up what one small company with a passion can do in just 10 months and this was before the holidays even hit! I can't imagine where they are now! I love their philosophy of having a "commitment to developing and maintaining the best localized supply chain possible" by sourcing as much as they can from vendors around them.

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The Goods: So what is Cuppow? They are fantastic lids ($7.99/each) made from recyclable, BPA free plastic that convert canning jars into spill free adult sippy cups! What? True story. I told you this was life changing stuff! They come in two versions -- one for regular mouth jars which allows you to drink with a straw and wide mouth jars which just has a thick slit for drinking. Up until just recently, they only came in a clear version, but they now carry a royal blue color in the regular mouth (5% of the proceeds benefit the Alliance for the Great Lakes organization) and an orange color in the wide mouth (5% of the proceeds benefit domestic Hurricane Sandy relief efforts). AND they're packaging has been revamped several times over the last year to help them reduce the amount of material they use!

This is a shot I snagged from their Facebook page -- it shows their first
packaging event back in January. All their friends/family rallied behind
them to help get this first run launched!
Final Thoughts: I really can't say enough good things about my Cuppow lids. Eco Friendly? Check. Easy to use and clean? Check. Stimulating the local economy? Check. Life changing for those of us that drink out of mason jars every single day and always spill them in the car because they don't properly fit in our cup holders? Check. Maybe that last one is just for me, but either way, I'm a lifer :)

Recently started making my own chai tea lattes at home instead of
running thru Starbucks every morning. Taste WAY better!

Anyone else love their Cuppow lids?

**Disclaimer: This box and all the items within were kindly sent to me to review by Cuppow. All products that are mentioned and reviewed on my blog are my own personal and honest opinions, or those of someone I've shared my goodies with. I am not being compensated additionally for my thoughts or posted reviews -- whether good, bad or indifferent. 

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