Last week the beau and some of his business partners found some office/warehouse space over in the Germantown area of Nashville. There's all kinds of good eats over there including: Silo, Germantown Cafe, Monnell's, and....SWAFFLES! Yes, there is a place called Swaffles. And it's only a block away. Which means the spring/summer time is going to be amazing to walk to Swaffles. Swaffles. I love the name of this place. And guess what, they have Sweet and/or Savory Waffles. Hence, Swaffles :) Ok, I'm done with all that. For now. Maybe. 

So back to the food. The concept is to order a waffle with either something sweet or something savory and they make it into a stuffed waffle 'sandwich' taco per say. It's the best way I know how to explain it. And they're amazing. I went with the savory Big Cheese and had some avocado added to the side. It was exceptionally good -- a mixture of semi-sweet waffle with tons of cheese and greens. The avocado was rock hard. Glad I got it on the side, I couldn't eat it.

The beau went with the sweet Sticky Buns -- said he couldn't wrap his brain around getting something 'salty' on his waffle. I guess I couldn't really blame him. It does seem like a little bit of a risk. But it was worth it. Basically it was all the sticky bun fixin's with some syrup on the side to pour over the top of it. We also got a side of hash browns (had great seasoning) and some sweet potato fries. The fries were the real deal -- definitely made from scratch and tasty. They were sweet with a little of salt or spices added to give them an overall yumminess.

If you get a chance to pop in, you won't regret it. We were the first ones in this weekend and before we were done eating, the place was packed with standing room only. They're open 7 to 2 on the weekdays and 8 to 3 on the weekends -- serving breakfast and lunch. ENJOY!

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  1. This is a brilliant concept. I will be bringing my grand daughter Scarlett Gish there soon.