Recipes: Brussels Sprouts.

I'm not gonna lie -- my brussels sprouts the other night looked nothing like this -- but were just as yummy. I wish I could say that I made the recipe up myself, but alas, I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest when it comes to recipes. It's way easier for me to browse thru and 'pin' stuff then it is to write something down that I randomly found on the internet. Although, I've made myself a vow this last week while trying to make a grocery list. I think I'm going to start writing my recipes down on cards and sticking them in a box. I feel like it'll be much easier to make a weekly meal plan and shop for the ingredients. It never fails, I always buy random ingredients when I'm at the store, but I don't ever buy them with an actual meal in mind -- and I'm definitely not creative like my mom when it comes to just throwing a bunch of stuff together to get an amazing meal. Here's some fun inspiration for you guys when cooking up your yummy brussels sprouts. Sadly, most people WAY over cook them and create mush, which is why most people don't like them. ENJOY!

Pinterest: Garlic and Herb Stuffed Brussels Sprouts -- this is what I made
the other night and though it was a tad time consuming, it went great
with the stuffed shells recipe that I made too!
Pinterest: Brussels Sprouts Breakfast Hash + Egg
Brussels Sprout + Strawberry Salad
Pinterest: Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Chicken Sausage Pasta
Pinterest: Brussels Sprout Citrus Salad

Do you have any fun recipes for Brussels Sprouts?

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