More Brussels.

So for all of you that are still pretty skeptical about whether brussels sprouts are really worth trying -- or retrying for all of you that have written them off in the past -- I've put together a little Instagram Inspiration from some new people that I've found. It looks like I'm not the only one crazy about these little green guys. I'd love to get some feedback or recipe ideas from you guys. ENJOY!

@allyskitchen -- skewered and ready to go. These would be great
to throw on the grill or even roast them this way with some seasoning.
@cloalpz -- throw in some zucchini and shredded sprouts and plop
an egg on top for a great breakfast 'hash'.
@miss_chanhna -- by far my favorite idea, brussels with cheese + bacon.
These would make great little appetizers for guests.
@kalecrush -- she prefers freezing hers and then plopping them in her
smoothies or thawing them out for salads.  Even though you lose some
of the nutritional value by freezing, you'll always have them on hand!
@mariannlouise -- seasoned and ready to roast
@bok72 -- some oil + fixins and you're ready to saute them up!

So have you been inspired yet to try some brussels?

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