Local Eats III.

Slowly starting to get back into the swing of things now that the holidays are ALMOST over. Weekday holidays are the bane of my existence -- they really mess everything up! The week before Christmas, I got the chance to check out Cafe Fundamental over in the Porter Crossing neighborhood for a friend's baby shower brunch. OMGosh, I had no clue what a little gem this place was. The menu was amazing for breakfast/brunch -- I'm definitely going to have to check it out for lunch or dinner sometime and see what else they have. Just a heads up, the house cured bacon at the bottom of the menu is intense. It's the thickest slab of pork you'll ever see and it comes out pretty crispy, so don't make the mistake of getting it 'extra crispy' as one of us learned the hard way.

House Omelette + Mushrooms -- Mixed Greens + Pommes Frites

The largest order of Coke I've ever had -- came out in a full liter, definitely recommend sharing this one with those around you. Wasn't able to finish it! Also, it wasn't on the menu, but we asked for several pitchers of mimosas and they were happy to accommodate.

Fundamental Burger + Manchego Cheese. Seriously one of the best burgers
I've ever had. It was steaming hot from first bite to last. Steaming!
Pain au Chocolat - pretty tasty.
Duck Confit Hash - wasn't my style, but several people got it and said
it was super tasty. 

Anyone found any new restaurants locally for me to try?

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