New Books.

So I bought myself an early Christmas present a few weeks ago -- my goal this year is to not only focus more on mine and my family's health and well being, but to be more of a source for others to learn and from there, start their own health journeys. I plan on reading skimming over these and referencing them regularly -- I'll make sure to share with you all the fun little tid-bits as I come across them.

I stumbled across these two gems at Sam's Club -- if you don't have a membership to a wholesale buying club, I truly feel you're missing out. We personally have one to Sam's Club and Costco and we'd probably have one to BJ's as well if they were close by :) Not everything you buy in bulk is a great deal though -- sometimes it's best to split your purchases with a friend/family member so that it doesn't go to waste. But if you're a diligent shopper and know you're prices, you'll find some great deals. One of my biggest money savers every year is books. The one on the left retails for $24.99 and is 2 books in one, totaling 655 pages of goodness. And the one on the right retails at $19.99 with 389 pages. This one is available for pre-order on Amazon for a couple bucks more than I got it for, will be available Thursday for sale.  

Anyone found any good books lately that I should have?

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