Review: GFreely Box.

I came across this subscription box while I was looking for gluten free options for some of my readers that I know have cut gluten completely out of their diets. Even though it's one of the latest 'trends', for some people it's a daily necessity when it comes to feeling their best. I don't recommend cutting gluten out of your diet unless you've been directed from your doctor or you do some thorough research on the subject. A lot of times, we find ourselves trying out the newest 'things' without fully understand what affects (good or bad) it may have on our bodies. 

Details: GFreely is a month to month box that makes sure that they focus 100% of their efforts on sourcing out gluten free foods to make it easier for people to find and discover things that they can fit into their diets. It's one of the more expensive ones, but I was amazed at how much they crammed into the tiny box. For $19 dollars a month + $5.95 s/h, you receive a package valued at $25-$40 bucks plus recipes and other fun things! Like I said a few weeks ago, I've been extremely back logged with the holidays/etc so the review is a little outdated as it's their October Box, but it still had some great things in it -- and I didn't want you guys to miss out on this one! 

Goods: (from top to bottom) 479 Popcorn in Fleur de Sel Caramel flavor -- didn't last 3 minutes once I snapped the picture -- Kay's Naturals Apple Cinnamon Cereal -- Rise Bar in Perfect Pumpkin (see review here) -- Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans and Gummy Bears -- Natural Kingdom Fruit Poppers, these were outstanding! -- Fruit.0 in Blueberry Fruit Smoothie flavor -- Healthy Pantry Cranberry Wild Rice -- New York Naturals Greenola made with Kale pieces mixed in.

Thoughts: I thought overall the selection was great and very diverse. There were a ton of things in this box that I was able to share with the kiddo which makes getting them fun. I wish this box would've come closer to the beginning of the month though, I would've loved to have some more of the fruit snacks to give out for Halloween since they didn't have a lot of extra junk that most Halloween treats have! I think the value is there even though it's one of the more expensive boxes. Definitely check them out on Facebook too.

Anyone found any other interesting subscription boxes out there yet?

**Disclaimer: This box and all the items within were kindly sent to me to review by GFreely. All products that are mentioned and reviewed on my blog are my own personal and honest opinions, or those of someone I've shared my goodies with. I am not being compensated additionally for my thoughts or posted reviews -- whether good, bad or indifferent. 

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