Holiday Cheer!

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The most important reason being that my Lord and Savior was born in a manager, but for those of you with different beliefs, there's still plenty of reasons to love this season! So many opportunities for friends and family to get together --  cold weather is great for cuddling -- a great excuse to make a fire and make smores -- making snowmen and snow angels -- cups of hot cocoa a plenty -- and my favorite holiday food and best of all, cookies! And duh, Christmas trees! I think one of the best kinds of gifts to give is handmade/homemade things and I have a ton of suggestions up my sleeve, but don't want to overwhelm you by putting them all in one post. So I'll start off with this simple, no need to wrap idea.
Thrive Fudge Brownies in a fun holiday themed can! All the ingredients you need are in one little can -- just open and add the necessary water, pop in the oven and viola! they're done in 15 minutes! I have some of these in the #10 can (the pre-holiday ones) and they've been great for last minute guests, get-togethers, birthday parties, baby showers, girl's night in/out and gifts! And for the holiday season, you can gift them to friends, neighbors, teachers, Secret Santa, co-workers, the mailman/babysitter/hair dresser/etc -- the possibilities are endless!

They run just $5.59/each or you can order them in a 10 pack for $52.59. Plus there's ways to earn freebies and half off stuff too! Tempted? Feel free to email me and click here to check out my product website. You must click "Shop" the appropriate country and then "Log In" to get the low pricing mentioned above! Time is limited :) Don't miss out!

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