Clean Eating.

So I just recently last week came across a new find on Instagram that I'm actually pretty excited about. She builds her whole regime around eating clean and staying away from preservatives, etc. For those of who aren't familiar with the concept of clean eating, take the time to Google and do some research. While it's not for everyone -- particularly vegetarians and vegans -- it is a good start to cleaning out and detoxing your system from what we know as the American diet. Too often we jump at things of convenience or foods out of a box. And we wonder why weren't one of the most obese nations in the world?! Enjoy these lovely pictures from @sweetcleanstacie -- I'll be touching on the benefits of apples sometime this week too, which seems to be a favorite staple of hers :)

What's not to love about these simple plates -- they're full of color and substance! Not too shabby.

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