Juiced Up.

So I'm thrilled that the holidays are underway! Thanksgiving starts a snowball of things to celebrate and it's starting to get overwhelming. I hate that I've let myself go as far as eating is concerned. It started with the night after the wedding -- I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a little meat with my dinner. Almost 2 weeks later, I'm still eating meat almost every single day and though I haven't gained any weight, I feel extremely sluggish and have a lack of energy. Wish I had the willpower to eat right during this time, but it's just much easier to eat poorly. Guess I'll just have to stick to my juice to keep me healthy :) Enjoy this week's 'Instagram Inspiration' guys!

@briweekly -- such a great inspiration on juicing! She's come so far!
@kalecrush -- just finished up a long cleanse

What's been motivating you guys to eat healthier this holiday?

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