Local Treats and Eats.

So I've been out and about quite a bit over the last week -- who am I kidding? -- I'm always out and about. But lately I've been paying more attention while I'm out, looking for new things to try and share with you guys. I'm most excited about the new bike share program that I've seen popping up all over the city. It's from a company called B-Cycle and there are over 18+ locations all thru out downtown, the Gulch, East Nasty and Germantown -- and it looks like one over in Centennial Park and another by Belmont. They have all different rates depending on how you want to use the bike -- ranging from hourly to monthly and even a yearly rate -- which is only $50! I'm going to wait for it to warm up a little before I give this one a test run, but it seems like it's a great addition to help our city become more and more green! And they aren't just limited to Nashville either -- they have cities all over the US, but I'm pretty sure you can't take the bikes with you while you travel :)

This is the downtown Farmer's Market location.  Bikes come with locks and baskets.

Another great find last week was at Sam's Club. I bought several great books by Reader's Digest that focus primarily on the body being able to heal itself if given the right resources. A wealth of knowledge on different conditions/illnesses/diseases and what causes them as well as what foods to eat to help eliminate signs and symptoms. I can't wait to really dive into these. I also stumbled upon pomegranate seeds in the produce section that made me super excited. Pomegranates are an amazing source of all things good, but if you've ever bought one and tried to de-seed it in a hurry, you'd probably join me in saying it's not worth all the trouble sometimes. These are great and I definitely plan on picking some up on my next trip -- it was a two pack of seeds only, each one having the equivalent of 4 poms in them and they were under $8 bucks!

Lastly, I'm excited about a great new brewery/restaurant that has opened literally 2 blocks away from me over on Main St/Gallatin called Fat Bottom Brewery. I've been talking about going for a few weeks now and the hubby got an opportunity to meet some people over there the other night. He was gracious enough to bring me one of their amazing veggie burgers and a growler of their Ruby brew. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area -- hit up their FB page for updates.

Fat Bottom Brewery -- Veggie Burger. Housemade chick pea patty, yogurt,
feta cheese, spinach and tomato with potato wedges.

Local finds are always great -- find anything new lately?

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