The Juice Thursday.

So to carry on the trend -- it's Juicy Thursday! I've gotten a few juices in this week, but certainly not enough to get me in the mindset for another juice fast. Maybe during the fall it'll be easier without all the cookouts and weekends away from home. It's hard when you're always on the go to remember to juice ahead and have stuff ready. It is true what they say -- if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Here's some 'Instagram Inspiration' for the weekend guys!

@lachilindrinatx -- again, fail to plan and plan to fail. I love that they prepped
a bunch of juice ahead of time! I would suggest only doing enough for one
day though as the fresher the juice, the better the nutrients!

What are you guys juicing this week? Whose been taking advantage of the fresh peaches at the market?

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