Juicy Fruits!

...And veggies of course! So this week's Juicing Inspiration comes from Instagram (duh, where else?!) and features some yummy flavors and beautiful rich colors! When you're at the grocery store or farmer's market next time, try picking up something new that you've never juiced before and incorporate it into your routine. You'd be surprised at how most things blend together really well -- but not always. Juicing is definitely a learning experience and the best way to learn what works together and what doesn't is to simply just juice them and have fun with it! I would give a word of caution though on straight carrot juice -- if you drink too much of it on a regular basis, it will start to turn your skin an orangish color -- true story :)

@aniiit -- straight carrot juice!
@barkadajane -- looks like some ginger, celery, GS apples and greens
@judsonmoss -- I believe him and his SO just finished up a juice fast and
 you'll find a ton of inspiration if you follow him on IG. Looks like he was
doing a green juice in this one + a few random colors. Also included chard!!
@theveganchemist -- definitely has beets in it :)
Quick note: The Night Market is going on tomorrow night at the Nashville Farmer's Market from 6:30pm - 8:30 pm. I'm super excited about going this month because I'll be meeting up with my friend Ann whose never been before! She's new to juicing and we're going to focus on getting her on the right track and buying a ton of produce :) Can't wait!! Come join us!

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