Review: Amy's Chili.

So I've had some of the Amy's brand cans in my cupboards for a while now -- saw someone post a review on Instagram and became aware that something this yummy could even exist! So I went to Whole Foods and sure enough, there was a huge selection to choose from. So I bought a few, brought 'em home and there they've sat for over a month. Completely forgotten about. Until now.
The good: all the ingredients were organic and there weren't any preservatives or additives added to the chili. No MSG, no trans fat, no garbage. I noticed that it did say it had organic tofu in the ingredient list and figured there might be chunks mixed in as the 'meat' source, but I discovered that it was blended in to make it thicker. (thank goodness) Consistency wise, it was very hearty and filling. The bad: it wasn't as spicy as I hoped. I guess I should clarify on that one -- I figured it'd be 'habanero pepper' spicy but I think the source of the heat came mostly just from the spices and of course, the jalapenos that were in it. In my opinion, jalapenos in recipes like this are usually pretty mild.
All in all, I'd do this again for a quick fix when lunch/dinner is rushed :)
What's some of your favorite 'healthy' canned brands?

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