Rainbow Friday.

So today is already "Eat Your Colors" Friday and the week is drawing to a close. Weekends are usually the hardest time for most people to eat healthy -- myself included. It never fails, if I start my day off eating wrong, I usually finish the day out the same way and think to myself, "I'll start over tomorrow." Each meal should be a start over time. And our health should be so important to us that we don't "wait till Monday" to start making changes in our every day eating habits. 

So following tradition of 'EYC' Friday's -- I'd like to encourage parents (myself included) to make sure that they are being good examples of health to their children. They learn from us. It's not just what we tell them but also what they see us doing. You can't tell them to eat their fruits and veggies and then not fill your own plate with them. So often I see people (again myself included) running into drive thrus and getting the quickest option for our children's dinner instead of the healthiest option. Make eating their colors fun AND educational for them. Try going to the grocery store and enlisting their help with finding 'blue' things. Or make a weekly chart for the fridge with all the colors and give them a sticker in the same color every time they knock one of them off the list. When snack time comes, ask them what colors they want to eat instead of giving them an unhealthy alternative. 

If you start kids off on good eating habits now, they'll more than likely continue that path thru adolescence and even adulthood. Look around you next time you're out and about -- there are overweight and obese children everywhere! Why do you think that is? It starts with the parents teaching them what's right to eat and providing it for them.

Live by example guys! And have a great weekend!

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