So tonight I made probably the best stuffed peppers that were ever made. Seriously. I tried some new ingredients that I haven't cooked with before and was pleasantly surprised. I found the rice at Whole Foods -- it was wheat/gluten free and had no MSG in it. It wasn't as 'spicy' as I'd hoped it would be, so I added a good amount of cayenne and other spices to it. It was enough to fill up 4 decent sized peppers -- the beau added some venison sausage to the mix and it helped spread it out a little further. I also added some carrot dices and celery from my Thrive collection, which made the prep work a lot easier! Hollowed out my beautiful peppers and then stuffed them with the goodness and threw some Dubliner cheese on them -- it was the only thing I had in the fridge! And then of course we doused them heavily with Habanero Tabasco when they were all done!

What are some of your favorite ingredients to stuff peppers with?

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