Lentil Soup.

So tonight I decided to give my food storage a test run by making my favorite Lentil Soup + Quinoa completely from #10 cans. I started off with about 8 cups of water to 2 cups of Thrive Lentils and after cooking for a couple hours, ended up adding more water to the tune of about another 2.5 cups. Always easier to add water then to try to take it out and lose your flavoring. I put some chicken bouillon in along with other spices. I added in Thrive Chili Peppers, Thrive Carrots, Thrive Celery and Thrive Onions -- I didn't really measure these out, just put in enough to my liking. If you've never cooked lentils, I suggest you start making dinner far enough in advance from when you actually want to eat. I learned this the hard way the first time I cooked them. It took about 2 hours tonight for them to be the right consistency. We whipped up some Thrive Quinoa real quick and then just stirred it into the soup to thicken it up a bit more. Or you can just serve it over the quinoa instead. This was by far the best one I've made so far. Not only did we have 3 bowls between the two of us, but we had a HUGE tupperware container of leftovers for at least another 3-4 more servings. Goes a long way :)

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