So prior to juicing, I'd never really paid attention to what chard was, let alone most green leafy vegetables. Don't get me wrong, I love salads and I love veggies -- but I didn't have a particular desire to source out new ones. If it wasn't something that I could easily buy out and about, then I just didn't eat it. When I started focusing on eating healthier though and started making Whole Foods a regular part of my shopping routine, I discovered that there are so many different kinds of green leafy things! Chard included. And if you go to grocers like Whole Foods, you'll soon learn that there are a variety of different kinds of chard as well. My favorite in particular is rainbow chard, mainly just because it's pretty :) Fun fact: Swiss chard is in the same family as beets.

Health Benefits of Chard:

  • One of the most antioxidant rich foods out there. Jammed full of Vitamin C&E, beta carotene, zinc, luetin and a ton of other disease fighting goodies.
  • Helps promote healthy bones. One cup of chard has 101 mg of calcium in it -- plus Vitamin K and magnesium.
  • The high levels of Vitamin K are also helpful in helping the nervous system and brain to maintain proper function.
  • Regulates blood sugar thanks to syringic acid and fiber. Those that are at a risk of diabetes or have been diagnosed with it should eat more green leafy vegetables like chard.
  • Fights against colon cancer. Chard is known for being a super food when it comes to it's cancer preventing ingredients: chlorophyll, phytochemicals, fiber and other plant pigments.
  • High levels of Iron. This combined with the Vitamin K help keep your circulatory system running smoothly and helps with bruising, blood clotting and anemia. 
  • Boosts eye health. One cup of chard contains your entire day's worth of lutein which helps prevent age related eye diseases.

Note: A 3-1/2 ounce serving contains roughly 77 mgrams of sodium. So for some people, you will have to adjust your diets accordingly to compensate for the high amounts.

Additional Sources: WHFoods -- Nutrition and You -- Nature Cure

Looks like a fun way to make veggie wraps with peppers and chard. 

What are some of your favorite chard recipes via juicing or eating?

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