So if you're someone whose really close to me -- ie anyone within earshot usually (just playing) -- then you know that I'm completely obsessed with a growing sport called Stand Up Paddleboarding or to those that are familiar with it, SUPing.

There are so many benefits to SUPing -- great way to burn calories and work the core, not to mention a fantastic way to work on your tan instead of just laying on a towel by the pool/at the beach. The beau and I just rented some down at Lake Normandy a couple weekends ago and most recently went on a 2 hour jaunt down the river with some small little 'rapids' -- the place we go has several pull out spots ranging from 1 hour trips to 6 hours!

These are just a few shots of when we went a couple weekends ago. The view was absolutely beautiful and it was so quiet -- just us, our paddleboards and the sound of the river. Sum it up in two words: fun and adventurous.

After doing some research on buying boards though, we've discovered that it's hard to get good boards up here AND you get what you pay for. We've been struggling with whether to get blow up boards (what we're using in the above pictures) or to get a hard board. For travelling purposes, the blow up boards would be great, but they're just not as 'pretty' as the epoxy ones.

Here are some fun shots from other SUPers all over the world. Love the angle of these shots!

Interested in giving it a shot? I recently found a group of people that are doing it in the area and rent out boards -- check out their Facebook page: Adventure Paddle and catch the addiction :)

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