Eggs+Chili Peppers!

So the beau woke up this morning and decided to make himself a little breakfast. We had two eggs left in the fridge and a ton of cheese -- this guy could live on cheese alone. He still isn't a total believer that Thrive can be used on a regular basis for everyday cooking, so when he was muttering that he wished he had some peppers to put in his eggs, I had to smile to myself. And pulled out my pantry can of Green Chili Peppers :) He gave me a kinda weird look and then poured on top of the cracked eggs and mixed it all in. By the time the eggs were cooked, (and smothered with cheese) the peppers had re-hydrated themselves and were the perfect solution for every day dull eggs! Starting to make him a believer!

What add-ins would find helpful already diced and ready to toss in to dishes?

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