Friday Night Market.

So if you didn't go to the Friday Night Market this past week, you missed out yet again. Each time I go, it gets bigger and better than the time before. There were quite a few new vendors inside the food court area this time. Some selling sweets, some bread and jams, others hand made things.

Chuy's was doing a promo for their upcoming Green Chile Festival that they're celebrating for the next month. They do this every year during harvest time for this hot little suckers. They were giving out free samples of their green chile concoction with corn tortillas -- I personally didn't indulge myself since I didn't think it would mix well with my glass of wine, but my friend had to go and ask for a large cup of ice water after the first bite :)

Outside the produce was looking AMAZING as ever! So many bright colors and tons of new stuff. I hadn't really noticed a wide variety of peppers leading up to Friday but they were out in full force -- I have a weakness for hot things of all kinds. Swafford Farm's doesn't have their usual abundance yet this year, but they're a great stop for habaneros and hot/sweet banana peppers. They also sell jalapenos in 15# boxes. Smiley's (to the left) had over 15 baskets full of these beauties along with a huge supply of cucumbers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, zucchini, squash, bell peppers and some other things. Everything that they sell comes straight off their farm daily. I can appreciate some locally grown stuff!

Barne's Produce always has such a wide variety of things -- apple season is one of my favorite times to stop by their booth -- I learned last fall that there are more than just 5 varieties of apples :) And I'm quickly learning that the tomato varieties are just as numerous. I think right now they have about 8-10 different Heirloom tomatoes and around 9 different kinds of eggplant! The great thing about Barnes (and most of the market vendors really) is that they know their fruits/veggies and they're always willing to let you have a taste. I got my hands on two kinds -- the one of the left is a German Strawberry and I can't make out on the one on the right (sorry) but they were both delicious and not at all what I expected. Looks like I'm going to have to can some of these lovely specimens for the fall :)

I capped the night off with my favorite guilty pleasure, Sweet Stash -- as of last month's Night Market, they are now a permanent vendor with a cute little corner location. They had some amazingly tasty truffles which I'd never indulged in before -- so I got one of each. The Birthday Cake Truffle was 10x better than the ones that Starbucks sells right now. And the PB Cup Truffle was WAY too rich for even my sweet tooth, but definitely could give Reese's a run for it's money. I was ecstatic that they finally had a vegan cupcake to tickle my fancy. I only wish that I was going straight home after the Night Market so I could've bought a half dozen of them! If you haven't had any of their stuff yet, definitely check them out. They have a flavor list daily and I've never had a bad flavor from them!!

What did you guys do with your weekends?

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