Get Juiced.

So it's Thursday already -- geez, where did the week go?! Tons of my Instagram friends are either starting juice fasts, mid juice fasts or finishing them up. I've seriously got the bug and would love to jump start my healthy eating habits again. I've found that once you open the door for a splurge -- it eventually gets swung wide open if you don't do it in moderation. Hardest places to be good in my book are happy hours, GNO's, date nights and the occasional play date lunch. Enough about me though (haha) here's your Juicy 'Instagram Inspiration' for the week.

@barkadajane -- I'm not sure how far along she is in her juice fast at the
moment, but I know she's full swing right now. Find her on IG for tons of
pictures and motivation!!
@linnea80 -- new find on IG and tons of great pictures!

So whose gonna join me for a juice fast? Thinking 10 - 15 days, but would love to get some 3-day people in there too. Gotta start somewhere :)

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