Sneak Peek.

So I've been majorly swamped lately and I hesitate to even think how much more hectic life is going to be now that I'm trying to shotgun a wedding in 2 months + celebrate my kiddo's 2nd birthday the day after -- all during Thanksgiving break! What was I thinking!! So today as I'm sitting here with piles of stuff all around me (quite literally I might add) I wanted to entice you to stick with me during these chaotic times and show you a little sneak peek of what reviews (+ a few giveaways) are coming soon!

This literally has been my mail box overflow several times over the
last couple weeks. My mail guy knows me by name now :)
Awesome Bars. 
Betty Lou's.
Simply 7.

Just a tiny snack..I mean sneak peek to get your curiosity up and your stomach growling. What are some of your favorite vegetarian/vegan brands that you just can't live without?

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