EYC Friday: Farmer's Market Edition.

So today has just been one of those days -- the weather is icky, the kiddo is getting off the sick train (slowly) and I'm hoping on board (full steam ahead). Tonight is the Night Market @ Nashville Farmer's Market and though I'm tempted to go I decided that I should stay home and bundle up. So I went the kiddo and I went for lunch instead :) There were so many fun finds today and the prices are so low at the moment since everything is so plentiful! Here's a shot of what I saw the most of -- lots of fresh choices to help you get your colors in this week/end!

Tomatoes were going for around $1.50/lb and I'm sure you could get them cheaper if you were buying them by the box. Swafford Farms had 50+ boxes of them ready to go. Turnips were dirt cheap (no pun intended) at $1.00/lb. Green Beans were right around the same and probably cheaper if you bought them by the basket. Also saw tons of crock neck yellow squash, peppers, greens (galore), sweet potatoes and a whole array of fall squash. Swafford still has a ton of great pumpkins and squashes in all sizes starting at $1.00 for the little guys.

If you can't make it out tonight, definitely get on down there sometime this weekend while everything is plentiful! It truly is one of my favorite times of the year when it comes to produce. Just wish the weather wasn't so chilly right now :) Looks like I'm going to make a quick trip down to the Franklin Farmer's Market tomorrow to grab some juice. Bell Buckle is doing it's big annual craft show and it's HUGE -- like acres and acres of crafts/food/fun HUGE! Maybe I'll see you guys out there! Enjoy your weekend guys!

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