Review: Hurraw!

I just LOVE this little bag.
So while doing some research a month or so ago, I came across this brand called Hurraw! which sells vegan lip balms. I've always been a fan of Softlips vs the other brands on the market, but since it's something that I use all the time -- let's admit it, I'm obsessed -- I wanted to switch to a product that was animal/cruelty free. And that's where my search began. When I wandered onto their site I was immediately impressed by two things: (1) their flavor selection and (2) everything else about them :) They're all natural, organic, vegan, animal free (ie no beeswax), cruelty free and they're made from raw ingredients. I love that it went on so smoothly -- no clumps, no mess, no goo. It was like a little pampering session for my lips. And after wearing it for hours, I didn't get white 'gunk' in the corners of my mouth. If you order from their website, you get a fun little bag with your stuff that can be used for not only holding your balms, but can also be reused as a tea bag made from unbleached cotton produced right here in the states.

Black Cherry Tinted, Grapefruit and Coconut.
Sorry, I went off on a bunny trail. Back to what they're all about. Everything they do is hands on, from warming the oils/butters -- to pouring the goodness into each tube. They contain organic ingredients, but choose not to label themselves with the USDA Organic Seal for two huge reasons, click here and scroll down the page a little bit to read why. I think this is so cool and love that they are sticking to their guns on this one! I also LOVE that there isn't any petroleum jelly in their products which is really awful for our bodies and not something that a lot of people are aware of in products. Their packaging is kinda fun too -- they now come in oval tubes (instead of round tubes like everyone else) so that they stay in your back pocket easier.

My absolutely favorite thing about Hurraw! though is the great flavor selection -- chai spice, coffee bean, chocolate, lemon, lime, green tea, vanilla bean, earl grey -- they have 19 total. Is it crazy that I want at least 10 of them? Guess I'll settle for my three starters and maybe order some more for my birthday! *hint hint* They are $3.79/each -- except the one with SPF 15 and the night treatment are $4.29/each. Shipping doesn't seem all that awful either and remember, it comes with a free tea bag. If you're in the TN area, there are several places to pick them up, but the closest one to Nashville is Green Pea Salon over in the 12South area. So to sum things up, I'm pretty much in love with Hurraw!

What are some of your favorite vegan 'beauty' staples?

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