Body = A Canvas.

So as I'm going thru my busy week, I find sometimes it's hard to make good eating choices. They call it 'fast food' for a reason. Have you ever stopped and realized that fruit is the original fast food? I hear it said all the time and it never really occurred to me until I was running out the door this morning and grabbed a banana on the go because it was quicker than anything else I could've made for breakfast! Yeah fruit!! A lot of us struggle with day to day body issues: bloat, acne, hives, dry skin/hair, weak nails, swelling, etc. And that's just the outward appearance. Do you realize that all of that can be fixed with our diets? What goes in, must come out people! Garbage in -- garbage out! (And that's not just our food/diet, but also our lifestyle and our minds) I encourage each and every one of you to really think about what you're doing to your body every time you sit down for a meal or something on the go. Might force you to make healthier decisions! 

What are you putting in your bodies lately -- good or bad?!

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