Citrus: Immune Boosters Pt 2.

Ok, so I think I covered all the bases of oranges and grapefruits last week pretty thoroughly. Ironically enough, the beau and kiddo aren't feeling so 'blah' anymore, but I definitely had my own little bout with something this weekend. I'm thinking it was mostly allergies, but regardless of what it was, it wasn't fun. All the more reason for us to really focus on building up our immune systems during this time of year. You can never have too much of a good thing -- except maybe wine and chocolate :)

Lemons -- people most commonly associated lemons with 'lemonade' but when mixed with just water or by adding a little honey/agave, you can reap a ton of benefits from this little yellow fruit.

  • Increase HDL (good cholesterol) and help lower blood pressure due to high amounts of potassium.
  • Lemon juice acts as a digestion aid alleviating indigestion and constipation. It's also known to be a blood purifier. 
  • Lemon juice when applied to your scalp can get rid of dandruff and other scalp issues. Also gives your hair a natural shine.
  • Lemon juice helps to boost the immune system and can aid in fighting colds, flus and fevers. It increases your perspiration which helps to break fevers. 
  • Lemon juice when rubbed on your gums will stop them from bleeding and can also reduce pain from a tooth ache. Can also help fight bad breath.
  • Lemon juice is good for rubbing on burns as it produces a cooling effect and can reduce scarring. 
  • Drinking lemon juice with water can help eliminate kidney stones.
  • Because it's high in Vitamin C, it can help heal throat infections and also help treat those that suffer from asthma and other breathing issues. Cough drops with lemon in them are soothing for sore throats.
  • Helps eliminate skin issues like acne and eczema. Apply to a sunburn to help cool it and prevent peeling. Can be used for wrinkle removal and to clear blackheads. Great for soothing bee stings. Continual use on your skin will result in a healthy glow.  
Additional Sources: Belief Net and The Doctor Oz Show (video)

Limes -- Most of us just probably use limes in our beer and even fewer of us probably use them in the kitchen when making Persian food. But these little beauties also have great health benefits similar to lemons.

  • Again, because of it's high level of Vitamin C, limes (like all citrus) help fight off the common cold as well as helping with Malaria, Golden Staph and Chlorea.
  • Lime juice helps to aid with digestion and people that suffer from stomach issues. It's recommended that you add it to your meals for this purpose and for the flavor quality. It also is used to tenderize meat.
  • Helps to manage blood sugar levels when paired with metaformin -- diets rich with Vitamin C foods can help reduce the effects of diabetes. 
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and minimize the effects of fibromyalgia, arthritis and gout. 
  • Just like lemons, it can be used for dandruff and to help with oily skin. There are several 'recipes' for masks and scrubs that I found useful. 
  • Fun Fact: it can be used to get rid of rust. Scatter some salt on the rust and then squeeze lime juice on top -- leave for a while and then come back and scrub the rust away!
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What are some of your favorite ways to cook with lemons/limes?

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