Review: Bestowed Box.

So as I've recently mentioned, I've become completely obsessed with the subscription box movement that seems to be taking storm around the marketplace. Every time I turn around, I'm discovering something new that's out there. (Be on the lookout soon for a page on the blog that will give you the lowdown on all the ones I've been finding.) I came across Bestowed on a fellow blogger's page and just had to check it out for myself -- was delighted when they wanted to send me their September box for review!

Details: Bestowed is a box for foodies looking to find healthy snacks and new lifestyle products on the market. It's one of the newer and cheaper ones I've come across at just $15/box if you do a month-by-month membership or only $13.75/box if you do an annual one, shipping is free. Heather Bauer (the founder) hand picks 5+ products each month that get shipped to your door by the 15th. I also wanted to point out that it came with a packing list with a little blurb about each of the products as well as where you could purchase them for yourself and two tips on how you could enjoy your goodies instead of just opening the bag and digging in :)

So we took the weekend to enjoy these little gems from our box. Everyone is in sick mode, so we didn't get out very much. Was great to know that we had some healthy snacks to fall back on instead of just ordering pizza and junk food for quick meals. Unfortunately, I only got to enjoy a few of the little Somersaults snack -- I guess you could say they were a crowd pleaser. The kiddo never even gave me a chance! They had a very light sea salt taste and were very filling. They boast "as much protein as almonds with just half the fat" and that makes me happy! Made with non GMO ingredients and are nut free. The Hail Merry Almonds were definitely not what I was expecting. I love almonds, but these had a very soft texture with little to no crunch. The vanilla maple flavor was a great combination though -- and they're gluten free. The Kashi Soft Baked Chocolate Square was to DIE for. It had the texture of a good chewy brownie, but definitely tasted 'healthy' unlike one that would come from a boxed brownie mix. I loved that sweet potatoes is one of the first ingredients on the list and it had a good amount of fiber in it.

The Kind Healthy Grains Granola was probably my favorite thing in the whole box. They come in 6 different flavors, but I was excited that this was just the basic Oats & Honey Clusters (with toasted coconut). Out of the 5 grains in it, it included Quinoa which I thought was kind of fun. Definitely had a great flavor to it and was kiddo approved. It also has 3g of fiber per serving, is non GMO and gluten free. Loved that I could read all the ingredients on the back. The Plentils had a great texture and were yummy -- they're made with lentils (my favorite), are gluten free and are free of the 8 top allergens. I love when companies make healthy alternatives for people! Lastly, it came with a little sample of Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread which I haven't had the chance to try yet -- we're out of all things spreadable and I hated the idea of just putting it on a spoon and eating it :) I do like that it's nut free though and has double the fiber of nut butters.

All in all, I think this box was great and so far the first one I've gotten where I've actually been able to use everything I got. It's definitely affordable by all means and I see myself giving it a shot for a couple months.

What would be your favorite yummy item in this box?

**Disclaimer: This box and all the items within were kindly sent to me to review by Bestowed. All products that are mentioned and reviewed on my blog are my own personal and honest opinions, or those of someone I've shared my goodies with. I am not being compensated additionally for my thoughts or posted reviews -- whether good, bad or indifferent. 

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