Just Juicy.

So I'm in chaos mode lately -- running around like a chicken with my head cut off and have realized that my body hates me. I'm tired all the time, bloated, cranky, energy has completely vanished, walking around in a fog -- all in all, I feel like I've been emotional and physically beat up over the last couple of weeks. And I've decided that I'm not O.K. with that. Not even a little. So after this coming up weekend away at my folk's house, it's time to buckle down and start taking better care of my health. Here's some inspiration to get everyone going away -- and I'm mostly referring to myself :)

@getsqueezed -- www.squeezed.co
@theveggieme -- Canadaian juicer
So to every one of my Instagram friends who are currently doing a juice fast or just finishing up one, thanks for the motivation needed to get back to the grind and do what's right for my body.

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