So I've been diligently juicing -- er, drinking juice for the last couple weeks now and am pretty stoked to be getting back to a healthy me. I started off doing my own stuff at home, but found that my time lately has been so limited and in pretty high demand. No, I'm not that popular :) But I do have a extremely active toddler and a beau that has been trying to get his business up and running -- so between those two big things + wedding planning, my own business, weekly commitments, running a household and oh, yeah personal time (what's that?) I have just been overwhelmed. But I decided that I can't make excuses for my health and well being anymore. It's gotta be the most important or all the other things just aren't going to run smoothly. So with the help of not eating meat for several weeks now and drinking fresh juice almost 2x a day again (thanks again Juice.Nashville!) along with a much healthier eating lifestyle, I'm finally getting back to a physically and mentally health me :) And it is such an amazing feeling! Gotta run for now, but here's a larger then normal dose of 'Instagram Inspiration' for the week ! Enjoy!

@beata_ry -- carrots, kale, parsley, apples and beets
@stutter -- I love the color of this one!
@theveggieme -- prepping people for juice fasts!
@vic_the_photographer -- greens, lemon, apples,
celery, grapes and cucumbers

What have you guys been juicing lately? Would love to see some pictures!

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