Juice Nashville.

Well, I know that this is usually the part of the week where I post some "Instagram Inspiration" for you guys to get your creative juices flowing to make, well, juice of course! But I'm going to switch it up a little. I stumbled upon something (and someone) amazing right here in our very own backyard! When I first started this blog and my juicing journey, I not only shared my experience with those of you that read my blog but also everyone around me. I  personally think that everyone should juice, but I wanted to start by making an impact in Nashville first! I started thinking of a business plan that would incorporate a food truck, etc. I thought I'd done my homework thoroughly, but I see now that I missed something. Just the other day I found  *cue music* juice.Nashville -- and it's everything I could've dreamed up and SO much more. Stephanie Waring is the brain behind the concept and let me say, this girl's got talent. And she's been around since July of last year and I still can't believe it took me this long to find her -- and I couldn't even tell you how. But I'm so very glad that I did.

I've never been a fan of 'green juice'. Every time I've juiced it at home, it just never works out that great. Maybe my amounts/ingredients are off or maybe it's just my juicer, or heck, maybe it's just my palate. Well, I honestly thought the latter was the truth, that is until I tried some of her 'ting.' this week. I literally was overwhelmed by the taste and the smoothness -- it was magic in my mouth.

So now I'm hooked. I had tracked her down Tuesday at the 12South Farmer's Market (my first time there, but more on that in a second) and that's where I got my hands on a sample of the 'ting.' -- and then I bought one of each that she had with her. And oh, do I wish she had more. There was c-ya. (apple, orange, grapefruit, ginger), hot stuff. (apple, lemon, cayenne pepper), and pear-fect. (pear, ginger). She has a whole variety of different juices that she makes fresh daily and she even offers a 3 day cleanse program which I'll be definitely be doing either next week or the following! I'll keep you guys posted!

Delvin Farms had some great greens fresh and on ice.
Snagged a huge bundle of kale for $3.00!
Real quick on the 12South Farmer's Market -- what a great little gem. I've spent time over in the 12South neighborhood and had heard that they had a market over there, but had no clue that it was completely different from what we have over here in East Nashville on Wednesdays. There's food trucks, fresh baked breads, jams, honey, fresh meats and pastas, my new juice friend (haha) and even a 'chick' that makes fresh hummus that is to die for! Yes, I said to die for and her name is Hummus Chick :) She had 5 different ones and I only sampled two since I'm a hummus fiend and knew I'd buy them all if I tried them. And really, who needs that much hummus? I snagged one called Spicy Canvas though and it was super yummy! OH and she had a chocolate hummus too! I didn't dare try it though, I'm saving that for another Tuesday when I want to indulge. All in all, I'm quite excited about my new finds this week. Fresh greens -- check. Food trucks -- check. Hummus Chick -- check. Fresh juice -- check.

So, who wants to do a 3-day+ juice fast with me?

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