To Juice or Not to Juice?

That is not a question in my life -- it's usually just a matter of, do I have time to juice or not to juice :) Since the very first day I juiced, I told the beau that I'd never go thru life again without it. And I'm super bummed that I've let myself get away from juicing every single day. I resolve to be more diligent about it, especially leading up to my juice fast. I've decided that I may just have to go at it alone this time. If I don't just do it, I'll come up with more and more excuses to delay it and trust me, I WANT/NEED to do one badly. I miss how it use to make me feel when I was juicing everyday. Enjoy your 'Instagram Inspiration' for the week.

@amel_lin3 -- sweet potato, red bell pepper, tomato, apple, orange
@kat42 -- red cabbage, celery, cucumber, green apples

Now's your last chance, any takers on the juice fast?

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